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Acupressure for Animals Sarah has studied animal acupressure and other aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Tallgrass Animal Acupressure Institute and Animal Acupressure Training Academy, with certification in acupressure for small animals through the National Board of Certification for Animal Acupressure & Massage. She has achieved advanced training in equine acupressure with teacher Diana Thompson of Hands On Horse Care in Santa Rosa, CA. What is acupressure? Acupressure is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine which has been studied, developed & practiced for at least 3,000 years. It is an effective tool for detecting & addressing imbalances of Chi (chee) or life-force-energy in the body, sometimes even before the body shows outward signs of disharmony (limping, itching, upset tummy, fear, etc. . .). Chi travels within the body along pathways called meridians. Acupoints are locations along the meridians where Chi can most easily be accessed. Acupressure uses various levels of comfortable pressure applied to the body at specific acupoints for the purpose of influencing Chi-flow. The dynamic balance of Chi affects all physical systems, behavior & emotions. Disharmonies of Chi may be indicated as (for example) back pain, depression, digestive problems or anxiety. Acupressure can gently yet powerfully influence Chi imbalances, allowing the body to create its own dynamic harmony. What is an acupressure session like? Sarah usually visits animal clients in their own home (or barn) which allows the animal to feel comfortable & safe. Sessions take place indoors or outside in a quiet space free from distractions. Family members (human & animal) may be invited to quietly observe the session and it is common for other animals to come close & lie down as they engage with the energy. During an acupressure session with Sarah, the animal client may stand, sit, lie down or change position as desired. Sarah makes a number of observations & asks the animal's person a variety of questions. Even if a known imbalance is to be addressed (digestive problems, skin irritation, separation anxiety), Sarah always palpates certain acupoints along the spine that can indicate underlying or yet undetected imbalances of Chi. Sarah then engages specifically chosen acupoints, often using just 1 or 2 fingers to apply various levels of comfortable pressure. Acupoints may be engaged for as little as 30 seconds or as much as 10 minutes. The body indicates how much time is appropriate for each point. In the practice of acupuncture, needles are inserted at acupoints. In Sarah's practice of acupressure, gentle pressure or tiny massage-like motions are used instead of needles. Animals may experience a variety of positive sensations throughout a 45-60 minute session. Their bodies & minds relax more deeply as the session progresses, and it is not uncommon (especially with dogs) for them to fall asleep, even REM sleep. Sometimes the client is so relaxed s/he simply stays lying down, deeply relaxed, when the session concludes. Animals may seem more tired or less energetic for 24 hours after a session, much like humans may be very laid-back following a good massage. Click HERE to see acupressure's potential benefits How many acupressure sessions should my animal have? Animals become more comfortable with the sensation/s of acupressure & experience it more deeply as their first session progresses. For this reason, Sarah believes clients are likely to enjoy more significant benefits with more than a single session. Sarah's New Client Package automatically includes 2 sessions.
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Acupressure, Reiki & other modalities are not substitutes for regular veterinary, medical or mental health care.

Sarah does not diagnose, treat, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, perform adjustments or surgery.




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