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Reiki for Animals (& People) Sarah has master level Reiki certification with specific training in Reiki for animals. What is Reiki? Reiki is a Japanese method of connecting an individual to a higher level of Cosmic Energy for the purpose of enhancing body, mind & spirit. Reiki is experienced through light intentional placement of hands on or just above the body. The word Reiki (ray-kee) has 2 parts which may be roughly translated as: rei = Spirit of the Universal or Heavenly Realm (Cosmic Energy) ki = life-force-energy that animates all earthly life (personal energy). The practice of Reiki is the integration of Universal Spirit with the human's or animal's personal energy. It is a bridge between the imperfections of material, earthly energies and the power, love & wisdom of Pure Spiritual Energy. The Japanese symbols for the word Reiki look like this: What is a Reiki session like? Sarah visits animal clients in their own home (or barn) which allows the animal to feel comfortable & safe. Sessions take place indoors or outside in a quiet space free from distractions. Family members (human & animal) may be invited to quietly observe the session, and it is common for other animals to come close & lie down as they engage with the energy. During a Reiki session with Sarah, the animal client may stand, sit, lie down or change position as desired. Human clients lie down (fully clothed) or may be seated. Sarah gently places her hands on or holds them above specific places on the body (top of head, shoulders, knees/stifles, hips, etc. . . ). Throughout the 30-60 minute session, Sarah's focus, intent, meditation & training create the potential for the client to receive the unique experience of Reiki. Clients often enjoy deep relaxation & stress relief, allowing the body to achieve & maintain optimal wholeness. It is not unusual for clients to fall into peaceful slumber. How can Reiki influence my animal? Reiki may be very effective in addressing a variety of physical & behavioral concerns, aggression, fear, anxiety & even mental trauma from past abuse. Click HERE to see Reiki's potential benefits. How many Reiki sessions does my animal need? A single Reiki session can have significant impact, though Sarah recommends at least 2 sessions for animal clients to enjoy even deeper benefits. Sarah's New Client Package automatically includes 2 sessions. What about Reiki for people? When a person cultivates optimal wholeness for him/herself, s/he is able to more effectively support the same pursuit for a beloved animal (& other people, too). Please inquire with Sarah if you are interested in learning more about her Reiki sessions for people.
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Acupressure, Reiki & other modalities are not substitutes for regular veterinary, medical or mental health care.

Sarah does not diagnose, treat, offer medical advice, prescribe drugs, perform adjustments or surgery.




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